Examples of photos by professional photographer

Female Individual Portrait
in Photo Studio

A series of portrait photoshoots for Irina in the Kiev photo studio W. Disclosure of several images of femininity in natural light.


Family Photoshoot
"Day out of Life"

Photographing the project "Day of Life" for a family of 4 people. A detailed description of the organization, preparation and conduct of the photo shoot.


Photoshoot Love Story
in Paris

Organization and holding a photo session of love stories in France, Paris. The history of image creation and route planning and timing for Paris locations.


Photoshoot Mom and Daughter in Kiev

Autumn photo shoot of mom with her daughter in the studio and outdoors (in the park), Kiev. An example of the idea and image of a family shooting a mother with her daughter, using dynamic poses in different clothes!


Children photoshoot with the Family

A two-hour photo shoot for the baby with his parents in a photo studio and park in Kiev. The history of the creation and implementation of a family photo project.


Family Studio Photoshoot
for Catherine and Vitaly

Preparing and conducting a photo shoot for a family with a small child in a Kiev photo studio. Description of the organization and implementation of the photo project.


Individual Male Photoshoot
with Dog Shaba

Preparation and conduct of individual male photography for Alexei and his dog Shaba, in Kiev. Features of the image, location and training details.


Image Men's Photo Shoot for Tobias

Preparing and conducting image male photography for Tobias in Kiev. Features of the image, location and details of the preparation.


Summer Love Story Photoshoot
in Mezhyhirya

Summer photo session of love story in nature, in Mezhigorye for Alina and Peter. History of preparation and creation of shooting couples in the street, in the park.


Pregnancy photoshoot
for Anna

Preparation and creation of a photo shoot for pregnant Anna at the 8th month. Studio two-hour art photography with using multiple images and using a makeup artist. Description of the objectives and process of preparing the photo project.


Photoshoot Pregnancy in the Studio for Valeria

Preparation and creation of photo shoots for pregnant Valeria on the 7th month. Studio, two-hour, art photography using multiple images and the services of a makeup artist.


Business Portrait
for Denis

Disclosure of individuality and style of the model in the process of a few hour photo project. Studio and street photography on an overcast weekday for a series of diverse photographs for use in personal landing pages, blogs, and submissions to publishers with expert assessments.


Wedding Photo shoot
for Ann and Nikolai

The story of the creation of the dawn wedding Couple Story in the Carpathian Mountains. Disclosure of details of the preparation, organization and implementation of the photo project. Description of the difficulties encountered in the process of photo session.


Individual photo shooting
for Darina

The history of the creation of sunset summer portraits on the street. The combination of lightness and simplicity with femininity and natural beauty.


Lifestyle & Business Photo Shoot
for Gabriel

History of creating a light business style for a LinkedIn profile. Description of the process of preparing and implementing an image through a picture.


Family Photo Shoot
for Kate and Eugene

Family shooting consisting of two locations - nature and photo studio. Thoughtful, and pre-agreed, color palette for clothing for the whole family.


Woman shooting
for Natalia

Creating a individual studio portrait in bright and spectacular colors. Disclosures of lifestyle and femininity in natural light.


Feminine Photoshoot
for Anna

The story of the creation of a tender and sensual female portrait, during the dawn on the balcony in photo-studio. Disclosure of the image of femininity and ease.


Wedding Photo Shoot
for Bill and Fiona

Story about how the location was prepared, the wedding image was collected and a bouquet was selected. How much time and effort it took for a Loft wedding photoshoot in the style of Couple Story.


Couple photoshoot
for Lada and Rasac

Studio photoshoot of a loving couple in a tropical image. Disclosure of sensuality and tenderness through professional headshots.


Wedding shooting in the mountains
for Valeria and Yuri

Shooting pre wedding couple story on the tops of the Carpathian Mountains. The peculiarity of the preparation and implementation of the photo project at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level.


Hen party photo shooting
in Pin-Up style

Creating a photo session of a hen party in the style of Pin-Up using a retro car. Features of the preparation and organization of the photo project.


Maternity photoshoot
for Alexandra

Creating a maternity photos for Alexandra with her husband in the studio. The main points of the preparation and organization of the project.


Pregnancy photoshoot
for Julia

Shooting pregnancy in one of the Kiev photo studios. Involving the whole family to create atmospheric photos in loft shades.


Family Photo Shoot
with child in the studio

Creating a dynamic and emotional family pictures in the studio. Features of the photo shoot with young children.


Shooting of Couple Story in Studio
for Julia and Kostya

Preparation and organization of the studio Love Story in Kiev. Extraordinary image for lovers revealed through the prism of photography.


Family Studio Photo Shooting
for Alina and Vasily

Shooting a young family in the Kiev photo studio. Features of the photo shoot with a small child.


Men's Portrait Photoshoot
for Den

Creating a portrait male photo shoot in the studio and restaurant. Disclosure of the individual image of the model.


Shooting Pregnancy with a Husband
in the studio for Svetlana

The story of creating a gentle studio photo history of pregnancy. Use of natural lighting and minimalist interior.


Wedding Studio Photo Shoot
for Anna and Jura

Photo session of the Wedding Couple Story in the Kiev Loft Studio. Disclosure of the image of tenderness and sensuality of the newlyweds through the photo.

useful information

Why does a photographer need a portfolio?

The main goal of the portfolio is to demonstrate the professional and artistic skills of a photographer. If you look at this process through the prism of time - you can observe the process of development and improvement of skills, taste and general skills of the photographer. It should be noted that the portfolio of the photographer can be in several ways: Digital portfolio (also called electronic) and Printed.

Speaking about the advantages or disadvantages of this or that form, it is important to note that the intended purpose and capabilities differ radically. In the case of a digital portfolio, the photographer has the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and skills to any Internet user by simply sending a link to their work. This is very convenient in modern conditions of growth and popularity of digital technologies. Interaction with a customer or client can be efficient and fast, even if he is from another city or country.

If we are talking about the printed version of the portfolio, we cannot get such an extensive demonstration option as in the case of the electronic one. But the main advantage of the printed portfolio is a great effect on a potential client.

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