What is a photographer’s portfolio and why is it necessary?

Photographer’s portfolio – is a collection of the best photos taken over a certain time from a certain subject. Based on the definition, we can conclude that the photographer’s portfolio can be thematic or general, depending on the purposefulness. In case the photographer participates in any exhibition, he will use thematic photos from the exhibition rubric in his portfolio, and in case of a business meeting or presentation – most likely, he combines the best of his works from different genres.

The main purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate the photographer’s professional and artistic skills. If you look at this process through the prism of time – you can observe the process of developing and improving the skills, taste and general skills of the photographer. It should be noted that the portfolio of the photographer can be in several versions: Digital Portfolio (also called electronic) and Printed.

Talking about the advantages or disadvantages of one form or another, it is important to note that the intended purpose and possibilities differ radically.When digital portfolio , the photographer has the opportunity to demonstrate his skills to any Internet user by simply sending a link of his work. It is very convenient in modern conditions of growth and popularity of digital technologies. Interaction with the customer or client can be effective and fast, even if it is from another city or country.

If it is a question of printed version of the portfolio – we can not get such an extensive demonstration option, as in the case of electronic. But the main advantage of a printed portfolio is a great effect on a potential client. Taking a photobook, a person literally has contact with the work of the photographer, which in turn increases the chances of a positive response about cooperation.

In this section, a general portfolio of the professional photographer – Alena Perepelitsa. Here you can find examples and samples of photos taken in different genres, at different times, in different places and under different conditions.