Girl in a white dress and a brown coat
Brunette sitting on a sofa in a dress and coat
Pensive look of a brunette in a white dress
Portrait of a beautiful brunette
Pensive look of a beautiful girl
A girl in a white dress sits on a sofa and look to the side
Girl in a coat and white dress sits on a sofa

Stage 1 - from idea to image

The idea that formed the basis of this survey was based on several criteria. First of all, Irina and I wanted to create a female portrait without pathos, vulgarity and vulgarity. The shooting should show the natural beauty of the model, and the image should express nobility and grace. Pictures should emphasize the slender figure of the model and show it in a natural, organic light for her. Based on this, we agreed on the upcoming shooting, images and location. Also, for contrast, we decided to make a few bright and dynamic photos, which was achieved in the process of changing clothes.

Beautiful brunette in a white dress and coat
Portrait of a girl in a white dress and coat
A girl in a white dress stands and holds his hand at the glass door
Portrait photo of a girl in a coat and dress
Studio photo of a girl in a dress and coat
Woman portrait in a photo studio

Stage 2 - Time and Place

After agreeing on the concept of shooting, Irina and I almost immediately and unanimously approved the location for shooting: the bright hall of the W studio. Since the photo shoot took place in winter, the daylight hours are very limited compared to summer, and we decided to start training at 10:00, which shooting would start from 11:00. The advantages of a photo shoot in a photo studio are that no one can interfere with your work, unlike photo shoots in public places, cafes and institutions. Thus, a psychological contact will take place between the model and the photographer, during which the model can relax, become real. The weather on the street was traditional for the second half of December - overcast. But this light was still enough to shoot without artificial light sources.

Girl straightens styling while looking in the mirror
Girl in a white dress looks in the mirror
The girl leaned on a white bath
Girl sitting on the stairs in jeans and a white blouse
Vertical portrait of a girl sitting on the stairs
Close-up portrait of a beautiful brunette
Girl sitting at a table in a white blouse
Beautiful girl portrait in the kitchen
Girl in a white blouse and jeans straightens her hair

Shooting day: How it was?

On the day of shooting, 15 minutes before Irina arrived at the photo studio, she was already waiting for the makeup artist in the dressing room to create an image (make-up + hairstyle). Previously, the makeup artist had information on the style and type of image, and I did not have to spend time on this on the day of the photo shoot. For 1 hour, Irina was ready to start a photo shoot. The shooting lasted 2 hours, but they flew by like 5 minutes. I worked with a 24-70 f/2.8 lens, a relatively fast all-rounder for which you can make both general plans and portraits. While shooting was taking place, we talked like old friends, discussed different topics, which positively affected Irina’s mood and allowed her to relax, to be herself. The psychological comfort of the model is just as important as the clothes and the interior, because the sincerity of emotions depends on it.

Girl in a red sweater and white trousers sits on a sofa
Portrait of a girl in a red sweater
Brunette in a red sweater and white trousers
Studio portrait of a woman in winter

Selection, color correction and retouching

For 2 hours of a photo shoot of a female portrait in the studio, we took about 250 source shots, which after passing through the rejection turned into a series of 130 best photos. Further, the material went to the “paint shop”, where a complete correction was carried out with him in Lightroom. At this stage, on average 1 minute is spent on 1 photo, so it takes about 2 hours of hard, continuous work to paint a series of 130 photos. After, the finished material was transferred to Irina, where she was able to select better than 9 photos for retouching. But since we agreed that I would place this work in my portfolio, as a bonus, Irina provided the entire series (35 photos) from the retouched page. Due to the fact that Irina has clean skin and a slender figure, the retouching was made very minimal, easy corrections, cleanings. You can watch the finished product on this page.

Beautiful girl sitting on a gray sofa in a red sweater and white trousers
The girl hid half her face in a red sweater
Portrait of a girl through the glass
The girl pressed a plaid to her

Girls & Woman

Photography for girls is the perfect solution for creative self-realization. Expand the image of femininity and tenderness through the photo.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Girls & Woman photoshoot" . For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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