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Examples of recent portrait photography in Kiev

Image Men's Photo Shoot for Tobias

Preparing and conducting image male photography for Tobias in Kiev. Features of the image, location and details of the preparation.


Business Portrait
for Denis

Disclosure of individuality and style of the model in the process of a few hour photo project. Studio and street photography on an overcast weekday for a series of diverse photographs for use in personal landing pages, blogs, and submissions to publishers with expert assessments.


Individual Photo Shoot
for Darina

The history of the creation of sunset summer portraits outdoors. An attempt to combine lightness and simplicity with femininity and natural beauty.


Lifestyle Photoshoot
for Gabriel

History of creating a light business style for a LinkedIn profile. Description of the process of preparation and implementation of the image through portrait photography.

the cost of individual photography

The portrait photography pricing in Kiev

Every hour of the photo session includes 1.5 hours of preparation and model's image selection, 1 hour of work for the photographer at the location and another 4 hours of selection, color correction and 6 photos retouched.
Rent of a studio
Every hour of a photo studio rental includes services for finding, selecting, coordinating, booking and paying based on the selected location cost.
Makeup services
The image from the makeup artist implies a full-fledged Make Up for a photo session. The cost includes all specialist's consumables, make up services, the rent of a dressing room and organization.
Stylist services
Styling icludes 1 complete hair styling for a photo shoot. The cost includes all the consumables, the services of the specialist, the rent of a dressing room room and organization.
Extra retouching
In addition to 6 photos retouched included in the standard 1 hour photo session, you can always order additional ones. It does not affect the deadlines of the project delivery. I recommend it for a layout of photo books.
Photobook "Light"
Photobook "Light" has a size of 25x25 cm. It uses a matte paper type. The cover can optionally be made of wood or flax. The book has 15 turns. Maximum production time up to 3 weeks. Transfering is carried our from hand to hand or sending by mail. More in the section "Photobooks".
Photobook "Standart"
Photobook "Standard" has a size of 30x30 cm. It uses silk paper. The cover can optionally be made of wood or flax. The book has 20 turns. Maximum production time up to 3 weeks. Transfering is carried our from hand to hand or sending by mail. More in the section "Photobooks".
1 hour
Faster proccesing
Photo processing takes place in turn. Usually, it takes up to 3 weeks to complete it. You can speed up this process up to 2-3 days, for a surcharge of 20% of the project cost. Your photos will be taken in priority mode.
Stylist shopper
2 hours
Faster processing

Photo processing takes place in turn. Usually, it takes me up to 3 weeks. You can speed up this process up to 2-3 days, for a surcharge of 20% of the project cost. Your photos will be taken in priority mode.

Photobook "Light"

I always recommend making a photo book. Thus, memories are stored longer, safer and more accessible than in disk archives.

The project consists of 3 hours of planning and coordination, 1 hour of renting a dressing room and 2 hours of a photo studio. This includes 1 make-up from the makeup artist and 1 styling from the stylist. The duration of photography is 2 hours, and after another 7 hours of selection with color correction of the entire material. As a result, you get 90-120 finished photos from the project, 9 photos in retouching. All this takes 2-3 weeks. Transfer is carried out through Google Drive.

How is the portrait photo shoot carried out?


Get acquainted

We communicate through a convenient way: instant messengers, phone or mail. We agree the date and time of the shooting, approve the cost


We make a prepayment of 25% of the total cost of the project to be able to book all contractors, locations and the date of the photographer

Book a location

We agree and approve the place of photography. After all the allegations - book a studio or another selected location for the required time


We agree and book the necessary project contractors: the master of makeup and hairstyles, decorators and florists, barber or transfer


We create bows for photo shoots from the existing wardrobe of the client. If necessary, I give recommendations on the purchase of additional clothing


On the agreed date, you will be met by make-up and hairstyles specialists in the dressing rooms, they will prepare and then take a photo.


During the required time, the entire photo material is carefully selected, color corrected, processed and optimized in size

Transfer photo

Ready photographs are uploaded to a special file sharing service and the download link is provided via instant messenger or via email

What is portrait photography?

Portrait shooting in Kiev: a girl in a dress

What types of portraits exist?

The portrait photography itself can be divided into many categories. We work in three main categories: male, female and business. But despite such you can classify more like this: Traditional portrait.

Traditional, or classic portrait photography, refers to the image where the face is the most important and often the only element. The purpose of photography is to depict a particular person. As a rule, the person should look straight into the camera. The picture is usually cropped by two thirds.

Portrait in the environment. The object is photographed in the natural environment. For example, a worker on a construction site, a teacher in a class, a sculptor in a studio, and so on. Environment photo session allows you to make a story, and give more ideas about the person.

Documentary portrait. This style is used in photojournalism, travel photography, street photography and reportage photography. Unlike the previous type of portrait, it is made at the moment, without preparation, and this is especially valuable.

Creative types of portrait photography

Fashion and beauty portrait is a special type of portrait used in glossy magazines and catalogs. Not only the object is important, but the composition as a whole - make-up, accessories, hairstyle.

Abstract portrait. Such portraits are not based on a realistic image of a person. Often used collage, special techniques, special effects, digital manipulation.

Portraits rarely exist in their pure form, more often they are combined to maximize the full disclosure of a person’s personality, complete coverage of the event and the realization of the author’s idea.

Individual photo session in Kiev: a portrait of a man at the window
Portrait photo shoot: the guy in the yellow jacket smiling

Portrait photo shoot in Kiev

Based on all of the above, you can guess that for portrait photography is needed to create an atmosphere. In Kiev, we conduct most of the portrait sessions in photo studios. It is there that everything necessary for the disclosure of the image and the creation of a thematic atmosphere.

In addition, the studios have the necessary technical conditions (lights, backgrounds, interiors) for comfortable work of the model and the photographer. In addition to the studios, in Kiev we use restaurants and cafes.

There you can always make a series of casual portraits of lifestyle, while ordering a cup of coffee and some dessert. Another important attribute for the portrait is the preliminary preparation of the model.

We recommend that you always use the services of professional makeup artists and stylists before you start taking pictures. The tone applied to the skin and the hairstyle are very important elements of the portrait.

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