Photobook "Light"

  • Size: 25x25 cm
  • Paper Type: Matte
  • Cover: Tree / Lion / Photo
  • Turns: 15
  • Production time: up to 3 weeks
  • Transmission: Hand in Hand / Mail
  • Cost: 200

Who is suitable photobook «Light»

  The photo book «Light» is a full-fledged book containing 15 reversals and possessing an impressive cover with distinctive tactile sensations at the moment of touching. As a rule, it is ordered as the main photo book from a wedding, pregnancy photo shoot or family photo. 15 turns allows you to place more than 40 photos, which in turn makes it possible to reveal not only the image, but also to perform the entire series of photo shoots in print.

Photobook "Standart"

  • Size: 30x30 cm
  • Paper Type: Silk
  • Cover: Tree / Lion / Photo
  • Turns: 20
  • Production time: up to 3 weeks
  • Transmission: Hand in Hand / Mail
  • Cost: 250

Who is suitable photobook «Standart»

  Standart photobook is the most premium solution for the most demanding customers. The most frequent use of it is to print a wedding photo shoot. The presence of 20 turns allows you to comfortably place not only the love story of the newlyweds, but also to fully focus on the details and auxiliary elements, which turns the photo box into a work of art.

useful information

Why print a photo book?

Your photobook is your story

With the help of a photo book you can create your own story that will allow you to relive the most vivid memories again and again. Choose your stylish design book that will fit exactly your taste. One of the distinguishing features of photo books is their format for printing and placing photos. Unlike traditional albums, where photographs are printed separately and then attached to sheets, in photobooks, printing is carried out on the spreads themselves, which in turn makes it with the photographs one whole.

Advantages of a photo book over a photo album

First of all, it is the reliability of the storage of the photos themselves. You can forget about the problems of losing photos from old albums due to wear mounts and liners. No matter how many times her family and friends will view it, the photos will not scatter or fall out. The cover of a photo book - creates from it a real creation of photo art, which is not a shame to show even the most skeptical viewers. The ability to wrap a photo book in wood or Italian fabric - allows you to store it harmoniously in any bookcase.

Can I use my photo to create a photo book?

In case you want to create a photo book using your own photos that were taken earlier, either by another photographer or by you personally, this will not be difficult. We are always ready to assist in the modeling and layout of a unique photo book design from your digital photo collection. We recommend using professional photos for maximum results
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