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Photography services in Kiev, Ukraine


The perfect solution for a personal profile or site. This is a good way for girls to emphasize their individuality and femininity.



A great way for couples to spend time together, preserving memories. Shooting can take place in the studio and on the street.



A great way for a pregnant girl to preserve the memory of the strongest and most exciting expectations.



Wedding photoshoot is one of the most significant photo shoots in the life of a newlywed. This is an important event that requires great attention and planning.



The optimal solution for business people to maintain their status and create premium content for the purpose of publications in the media.



An ideal solution for a family to keep bright memories in the form of photos, to spend time together and leave bright moments in memory.



Photography for boys and men - a professional solution for obtaining content in the social networks, business profiles and for use in resumes.



Photography for girls is the perfect solution for creative self-realization. Expand the image of femininity and tenderness through the photo.



A portfolio for a model is a long-term investment in a modeling career that will undoubtedly pay off when used correctly by client

Designer photoshoot

Create your photoshoot package

Every hour of the photo session includes 1.5 hours of preparation and model's image selection, 1 hour of work for the photographer at the location and another 4 hours of selection, color correction and 6 photos retouched.
Rent of a studio
Every hour of a photo studio rental includes services for finding, selecting, coordinating, booking and paying based on the selected location cost.
Makeup services
The image from the makeup artist implies a full-fledged Make Up for a photo session. The cost includes all specialist's consumables, make up services, the rent of a dressing room and organization.
Stylist services
Styling icludes 1 complete hair styling for a photo shoot. The cost includes all the consumables, the services of the specialist, the rent of a dressing room room and organization.
Extra retouching
In addition to 6 photos retouched included in the standard 1 hour photo session, you can always order additional ones. It does not affect the deadlines of the project delivery. I recommend it for a layout of photo books.
Photobook "Light"
Photobook "Light" has a size of 25x25 cm. It uses a matte paper type. The cover can optionally be made of wood or flax. The book has 15 turns. Maximum production time up to 3 weeks. Transfering is carried our from hand to hand or sending by mail. More in the section "Photobooks".
Photobook "Standart"
Photobook "Standard" has a size of 30x30 cm. It uses silk paper. The cover can optionally be made of wood or flax. The book has 20 turns. Maximum production time up to 3 weeks. Transfering is carried our from hand to hand or sending by mail. More in the section "Photobooks".
1 hour
Faster proccesing
Photo processing takes place in turn. Usually, it takes up to 3 weeks to complete it. You can speed up this process up to 2-3 days, for a surcharge of 20% of the project cost. Your photos will be taken in priority mode.
Stylist shopper
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Photo shoot in Kiev - what is included?

photo shoot in Kiev

What genres does a photo shoot include?

If you do not attach the type of photo shoot to the location (studio photo shoot, in nature, street or forest), then they can be classified by type of affiliation. In other words, the type of photography depends on the subject. It is for this clustering that we distinguish the categories of services offered. So, what and for whom we shoot:

  • Portrait photography - A specific category, which involves porter photography. As a rule, the image is not limited at all. The key feature will be 1 main object - a man or a woman. That is why we distinguish them in different categories:
  • Men's and Boys photo shoot - photography, where the main object is a man. Maybe an ordinary street walk on a warm summer day, or the realization of a conceived image in the studio. Men more prefer business and serious image - image photography.
  • Women's and Ladies photo shoot - by analogy with the male, the main object of the shooting is a girl, and the image - is limited only by the flight of fancy. But in practice, girls are more prone to tenderness and sexuality
  • Business (corporate) headshots is a type of photo shoot that is focused on creating image frames from a specific place. As a rule, this is a photo "in work", or a negotiation process. This also includes business portraits.

What genres does a photo shoot include more?

Now let's discuss photographing, in which more than one object is involved. These photo shoots can also take place in a studio, in nature, in a city or a forest. In some cases, special locations are used - halls, restaurants, castles, passages, etc. In practice, these genres can be very much, but we do only the following:

  • Couple Photoshoot - a type of photography for a couple in love. It is the couple that takes part in the relationship. Often complements this shooting pet, for example, a dog.
  • Wedding photo shoot - obviously this type of shooting is very similar to Couple photoshoot, but there are a lot of differences: scale, clothes, script and duration. Also there may be third parties.
  • Maternity photoshoot - this category can take place in two formats: portrait and group. Very often we shoot a pregnancy with a husband and a family.
  • Family photography is the most popular form of group photography in Kiev. We spend it most often in the form of a studio photo shoot. Most often, the entire make-up is accompanied by a makeup artist, controlling the makeup of the mother and the daughter.
  • Model portfolio (model tests) - the creation and design of a model book. Mostly used for commercial purposes and filing in model agencies.
studio photo session
nature photo shoot

What determines the price (cost) of a photo shoot in Kiev?

The price of a photo shoot depends on a huge number of factors. Below we will analyze the dominant components in pricing. This is not a panacea, but an excellent basis for understanding the basis of the cost of services.

  • Equipment. Any professional photographer uses expensive equipment: a camera, lenses, adapters, memory cards, powerful computers and expensive monitors (to see colors, sharpness and shades). Sometimes, the price tag for this kit can reach the value of the B-class car.
  • Skills. Difficult to assess the capitalization of the skill. But many years of experience, the path of mistakes, courses, workshops and other training is always not cheap. So the presence of TOP equipment, but the lack of skill, will not allow to achieve a good result.
  • Marketing. Any professional has the capital and current costs of marketing costs. Create a good web site, set up analytics, prepare advertising campaigns both on-line and off-line. In sum, it can cost even more than the equipment.
  • Project costs. As part of each project, there is a huge list of micro costs: from the cost of renting a photo studio, to consumables makeup artist. All this is taken into the final price of the package.
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