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Examples of recent erotic photography

Sexy Photoshoot
for Ksenia

Organization and conduct of a sexual photo shoot for a stylish model of Ksenia, in a photo studio in Kiev. Album from the shooting, description and examples.


Photoshoot in lingerie
for Natalia

Organization and conduct of a photo session in underwear for the sexual model of Natalia, in a photo studio in Kiev. Album from the shooting, description and examples.


Boudoir photo session
in the studio for Margot

Organization and conduct of a boudoir photo shoot for the sexual model of Margo, in a Kiev photo studio. Album from the shooting, description and examples.

the cost of an erotic photo shoot

The price of a nude photo shoot in Kiev

Choose package
1 hour
  • 1 location
  • Studio rental (1 hour)
  • 60 photos in color (6 in retouch)
  • Readiness 2-3 weeks
  • Transfer via Google Drive
Faster processing
2 hours
  • 1-2 locations
  • Make-up room rental (1 hour)
  • Visage (1 image)
  • Hairstyle / Styling (1 image)
  • Studio rent (2 hours)
  • 120 photos in color (9 in retouch)
  • Readiness 2-3 weeks
  • Transfer via Google Drive
Faster processing
Faster processing
1 hour
  • You can collect the tariff for your ideal photo shoot yourself
Faster processing
Stylist shopper
Service includes the selection and creation of individual wardrobe. As a rule, this is a popular solution for people who plan to update their seasonal wardrobe, and use the services of a shopper to save time. Specify in more details by phone or in the messenger.

For whom is this erotic photo shoot rate in the studio suitable?

The tariff plan “Light” is a minimal complex for creating a studio boudoir shooting in the nude style. The package includes photo studio rental (1 hour) and 1 hour of the photographer. This tariff will be enough to work out 1 image for 1 location and get a unique series of 20 - 30 photos.

What is the feature of the package?

At its core, this is an express boudoir photo shoot, where there is a short and understandable task of working out one image. Also, this is a budget solution for those people who do such shootings regularly.

For whom is this studio photo shoot rate suitable?

The Standart tariff plan is a complete solution for creating a full-fledged photo shoot in an erotic style. The package includes makeup artist services (make-up and styling), make-up room rental, rental of two photo studio rooms and 2 hours of shooting. During this time, you can comfortably work out 2-3 images and get up to 120 unique photos.

What is the feature of the package?

This linen photo shoot rate is designed as a “turnkey” complex, where all organizational details are taken into account. Models do not have to have chores in preparation. In 2 hours all details and angles are worked out, which ultimately creates a series of art photographs in the nude style.

Every hour of the photo session includes 1.5 hours of preparation and model's image selection, 1 hour of work for the photographer at the location and another 4 hours of selection, color correction and 6 photos retouched.
Rent of a studio
Every hour of a photo studio rental includes services for finding, selecting, coordinating, booking and paying based on the selected location cost.
Makeup services
The image from the makeup artist implies a full-fledged Make Up for a photo session. The cost includes all specialist's consumables, make up services, the rent of a dressing room and organization.
Stylist services
Styling icludes 1 complete hair styling for a photo shoot. The cost includes all the consumables, the services of the specialist, the rent of a dressing room room and organization.
Extra retouching
In addition to 6 photos retouched included in the standard 1 hour photo session, you can always order additional ones. It does not affect the deadlines of the project delivery. I recommend it for a layout of photo books.
Photobook "Light"
Photobook "Light" has a size of 25x25 cm. It uses a matte paper type. The cover can optionally be made of wood or flax. The book has 15 turns. Maximum production time up to 3 weeks. Transfering is carried our from hand to hand or sending by mail. More in the section "Photobooks".
Photobook "Standart"
Photobook "Standard" has a size of 30x30 cm. It uses silk paper. The cover can optionally be made of wood or flax. The book has 20 turns. Maximum production time up to 3 weeks. Transfering is carried our from hand to hand or sending by mail. More in the section "Photobooks".
Certificate for a photo shoot

Make a photo shoot for a gift?

Gift certificate for a photo shoot

You can arrange any photo shoot rate you have chosen for a gift to your loved ones, relatives and friends. To do this, you need to select the package of interest and tell me about it.

The certificate is valid for 2 months from the date of delivery. It is made in two versions: digital and wooden. In the first case, this is an electronic PDF, which you will receive by e-mail. In the case of wooden, this is a box in a craft brand bag.

Digital: +0 UAH to the selected package

Wooden: +500 UAH to the selected package


How does a Nude style photo shoot take place?


Get acquainted

We communicate through a convenient way: instant messengers, phone or mail. We agree the date and time of the shooting, approve the cost


We make a prepayment of 25% of the total cost of the project to be able to book all contractors, locations and the date of the photographer

Book a location

We agree and approve the place of photography. After all the allegations - book a studio or another selected location for the required time


We agree and book the necessary project contractors: the master of makeup and hairstyles, decorators and florists, barber or transfer


We create bows for photo shoots from the existing wardrobe of the client. If necessary, I give recommendations on the purchase of additional clothing


On the agreed date, you will be met by make-up and hairstyles specialists in the dressing rooms, they will prepare and then take a photo.


During the required time, the entire photo material is carefully selected, color corrected, processed and optimized in size

Transfer photo

Ready photographs are uploaded to a special file sharing service and the download link is provided via instant messenger or via email
useful information about sexual shooting

Important information about the boudoir photo shoot

Erotic photo session in Kiev

My values and look in your photos

As a professional nude photographer, I have done dozens of sensitive projects. In all erotic shootings, I adhere to my values ​​and views. Yes, the client is always right, but until the moment when we have an understanding of the boudoir photo shoot. I do not take frankly vulgar photos where models clearly demonstrate their body parts right in the frame, aesthetics are important to me. I do not do photoshoots of an open intimate nature, where the subject is a vulgar demonstration of their organs.

Also, I do not shoot a joint Nude, where there is a husband, boyfriend, etc. My approach to sexual photo shoots is based on a demonstration of the high cost and mystery of the model. Intrigue should remain in the photo and they should evoke healthy desires, and not arouse the basic instincts in others. I achieve all this through images, angles and details, which I carefully plan together with the client before the project.


What if I don’t have a model figure?

Love and accept yourself as you are. We are all different, and do not be shy about ourselves. If we talk about erotic shooting in lingerie for Big size girls, then this is an absolutely normal experience. There are hundreds of ways to be sexy and graceful if you are overweight. In my experience, I regularly conduct sexual photoshoots for girls “in the body”. In this case, the use of different props, clothes and other objects - allows you to create beautiful compositions that can convey exactly the sexuality of the model.

Boudoir photo session in Kiev
Sexy photo shoot in Kiev

I'm embarrassed by the camera, maybe it won’t work out?

During photo shoots in the nude style, I work with the model not only as a photographer, but also as a psychologist, because I perfectly understand the psychological state and possible stress for a person who is probably the first experience of such filming. During an erotic photo shoot, I always find contact, common themes and interests that change the shooting format to a friendly conversation.

In all the details, I suggest, help with posing (set the frame and all parts of the body), optimize the timing of the shooting so that everything is in time and not to lose quality.

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