Girl in underwear and a fur coat on a background of lanterns
Sexy look to a beautiful girl in a bra and a fur coat
The girl in a bra against the background of lanterns looks away
A girl in a fur coat sits on a suitcase near a big star
A girl in a scarf and a fur coat sits on a brown suitcase near the star

Stage 1 - from idea to image

Initially, when Natalia turned to me for a photo shoot, she already had a need and a desire to conduct a photo shoot in lingerie. She wanted to make some extravagant image so that it was unusual and memorable. Having not talked for a long time, we decided to shoot in underwear in the kitchen, where the model will sexually knead the dough and play with flour. Both of us immediately liked this idea and we agreed to bring it to life. For clothes and linen, Natalia had a large selection from her own wardrobe, which facilitated the task of collecting the image. At the photo studio we decided to shoot in Pandora, there was everything we needed for our format.

Girl in underwear and boots lies on a red sofa
Portrait of a girl in a bra against a gray wall
Girl in lingerie kneads flour in the kitchen
Girl in underwear holds a rolling pin in her hands and sits in the kitchen
Beautiful girl in lingerie stands in the kitchen and holds a rolling pin in her hands

Photo Shoot Day: How was it?

On the appointed day, in the make-up studio makeup artist was already waiting for the Natalia. The master’s styling and make-up task was done in advance, which allowed saving time on the day of shooting and immediately getting to work. For 1 hour, the image was ready, and the Model started shooting. The entire photo shoot took place in 1 hall, for 1 hour. At Natalia, photo shoots take place quite often, and she feels confident in the camera lens. This allowed the standard two-hour project to be placed at 1 o’clock, since I didn’t have to spend time setting up, searching for working angles and preparing the psychological state of the model. I spent the entire shooting on the Canon 7D Mk II + Sigma 18-35 f/1.8. I used different focal lengths at different angles, and the aperture ranged from 2 to 4. This mix allows you to make both general plans and portraits, provided that the model is not far from the photographer.

Girl threw flour in the kitchen
Girl in underwear is standing in the kitchen
Beautiful girl sits in the kitchen in her underwear and holds flour in her hands

Selection, color correction and retouching

For the entire shooting, we made about 80 source shots. Further, according to the cycle, they were cleared of marriage: photos with closed eyes were deleted, omissions of focus, moments where the model communicated. As a result, we got a series of 30 diverse and unique photos that went into color correction work. After corrections, 15 photos were selected that went to retouch. At this stage, the skin and the scene were cleaned, minor figure corrections were carried out to bring the frames to perfection. You can see the result of the project on this page!

The girl lies on the countertop in the kitchen
Portrait of a girl in a bra
Girl in underwear is standing in the kitchen

Boudoir (Nude)

A great way for a girl to create unique photographs of her sexuality and capture her beauty through a photo shoot.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Boudoir (Nude) photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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