Alona Perepelitsa – Professional Photographer in Kiev

A few details about myself

Hello, my name is Alena Perepelitsa, I am an professional photographer in Kiev, nice to meet you!

I shoot emotions, real, sincere feelings, love … I am constantly in creative search, opened for cooperation and new ideas. It is important for me to reflect the individuality of each person and show his beauty! Talking about the wedding day, no doubt, that it is the happiest and solemn day in life of the future young family. In each shooting I put a little bit of myself and try to make it unique. I always try to show in the pictures the sincerity of my characters: the tenderness and quivering of lovers, the excitement of the bride and groom, the unity and harmony of family! In my work as a photographer I put 100% effort in my creative process, thanks to which live and real emotions always appear on pictures.


Pregnancy Photo Session

The ideal solution for the family is to preserve unique memories in the form of photographs, spend time together and leave wonderful moments in memory. As a rule, a photo session of pregnancy can take place with a woman alone or with the entire family. Capture the most vibrant moment of life!

Love Story Photo Session

The perfect solution for a couple in love is to spend time together and preserve memories. Love Story can take place both in the thematic studio and outdoors, depending on weather and mood. Photographing for a couple in love can serve as an excellent gift to close friends or newlyweds.

Family photo session

The ideal solution for the family is to preserve unique memories in the form of photographs, spend time together and leave wonderful moments in memory. As a rule, a photo session of family can take place with one girl, and with the whole family. Capture the most vibrant moment of life!

Individual Photo Session

An ideal solution for a personal profile, resume and simply maintaining the status. Also this is a great solution for women who want to emphasize their uniqueness and personality. Incarnate the image of passion through photography. It’s great gift on your favorite holiday!

Video Production

Planning and organization of high-grade video production. Scenario development, selection of equipment and actors – models for participation, post production and installation. Video filming of wedding celebrations and other important events. Creation of multiple video clips!

Workshops for photographers

Planning and organization of thematic Workshops for photographers. Selection of location, search for professional models, filling the plot and revealing the full image with the involvement of groups of specialists in the field of decor and floristics. A comprehensive solution for the creative tasks!

Benefits of Working with Me


The cost of my services is the optimal ratio of price and quality. Tariffs are formed in such a way that the client will always be able to choose the ideal option.

Experience more than 4 years

The presence of experience and skills, allowing to work in any genres and conditions. Whether it’s rain, winter, sun, evening or night – photos will always be at the highest level.

Real emotions

I always try to catch sincere emotions and real feelings. I focus on important details and interesting moments. Individual approach to each client.


I take pictures not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also ready for business trips both in Europe and in any part of the world. All details are discussed individually with the client, taking into account all wishes.


You do not have to wait 2 months for finished photos.I need 1-2 weeks to complete the order without loss of quality. In some cases, this process can be accelerated and up to 3-5 days.


All photos go through several stages of processing, before they fall into the hands of customers: selection, framing, color correction and retouching. This allows you to achieve excellent results.

How work with me


We get acquainted

We call up via skype or meet, drink coffee, get acquainted and discuss your vision of photo session. It is important for me to understand what you like and what is the idea.



Draw up a photo session plan

I help planning the photo session in such way so we will have time to capture all the important moments, coordinate the dates, time, image and style.



I Shoot

I help with the selection of locations, correct poses, staying in a good mood and spending time with pleasure!



Giving up work

I do not test your patience and nervous system. Within 1-2 weeks I carefully process, correct photos and transfer them to you.


How I work – Backstage


Who is a professional photographer in Kiev?

If you came to this page, most likely you are right now looking for a Professional Photographer for any type of photography. As a rule, there are several basic types of photography that a photographer can provide:

  • The most popular for today – wedding photography. It is also one of the most creative and beautiful types of shooting from a professional photographer. I shoot in the form of a pre-wedding Love Story, and in case if client wants to get reportage photos from the banquet part – I will send this part to second photographer.
  • No less popular – Famaly photo session , which can include children’s photography. This is a very popular form of services among young families and newborn babies.
  • The next in a row, but not in importance, can be noted such a photo session as individual photo session. Its feature is that the customer can act as one – and several people, and the subject of such filming is a complete flight of fantasy of both the client and the photographer.л
  • Love Story photo session – it’s probably the most romantic and gentle form of photography that you can order for a couple in love. Its main difference from a wedding photo session is the fact that there are only 2 main characters in it – lovers, and nothing distracts them, except the strength of feelings experienced to each other.
  • And it is necessary, pregnancy photo session. My favorite kind of photography. I like to convey this emotion through the prism of photography. It is difficult to say what the woman is waiting for more – a wedding or pregnancy, but a photo from both events – must have.

Returning to the question: who is a professional photographer, you can safely say that this is person who knows and understands both technical and creative part of each type of photo shooting. The above forms of shooting are by no means the entire list of types of photo shoot that can be held. There are still such types of shooting as Fashion – very popular among professional models and for various kinds of fashion shows.

Why should I choose Alona Perepelitsa as a professional photographer in Kiev?

First of all, this is due to a number of advantages, namely speed, quality, prices, experience and the desire to capture sincere emotions. Yes, maybe someone would think that this is not enough for the final choice, and there are a number of nuances and details that do not cover this list. In that case, I will be happy to discuss them all by phone or via Skype. For this you can always leave your contact details and I will contact you immediately to provide a full consultation on both services and prices.

Also, in the continuation of the list of strengths and confirmations that Alona Perepelitsa is a professional photographer in Kiev – you can go to my FaceBook page, and get acquainted with the reviews of real customers and users of my services.

Thank you!