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Prices for a photo shoot of employees in Kiev

Choose package
1 hour
  • 2700 UAH/hour
  • 1 hour photographer
  • 1 hour rental studio
  • 60-80 photos in color (6 in retouch)
  • Readiness 1-2 weeks
  • Transfer via Google Drive
1 hour
  • 3500 UAH/hour
  • 1 hour photographer
  • 1 hour studio room rental
  • 60-80 photos in color (6 in retouch)
  • Readiness 1-2 weeks
  • Transfer via Google Drive

Who is this office shooting rate suitable for?

"Office" is the tariff for creating corporate photos of employees in the territory of your office. Due to the presence of a visiting studio, you do not have to take all your colleagues from work. We will equip the photo location directly in your office, factory or enterprise, where we will shoot. This tariff allows you to create the most organic corporate photo of your team “at work”.

What is the feature of the package?

At this rate, you get a full photo zone in your office. The cost already includes the costs of delivery, assembly and disassembly of the visiting studio. For 1 hour of work, you can comfortably shoot 4-5 people, at the rate of 15 minutes per employee. As a result, 15-20 different portraits.


For whom is this studio shooting rate suitable?

"Studio" is an hourly package for implementing corporate photography in the interior of a photo studio. The price includes 1 hour of work of the photographer and 1 hour of renting the hall (location) of the studio. During this time, you get +/- 70 photos with your employees. This is a good option for those companies whose outsourcing staff, office has a conservative design, or there is a need for a specific interior.

What is the feature of the package?

This tariff allows you to comfortably fulfill the task of corporate shooting employees in the desired studio locations. A comfortable pace for all parties is 15 minutes per 1 person, or 4 people per 1 hour, which ultimately gives 15-20 diverse portraits.

How to buy?

How is the corporate shooting of employees?


Get acquainted

We communicate through a convenient way: instant messengers, phone or mail. We agree the date and time of the shooting, approve the cost


We make a prepayment of 25% of the total cost of the project to be able to book all contractors, locations and the date of the photographer

Book a location

We agree and approve the place of photography. After all the allegations - book a studio or another selected location for the required time


We agree and book the necessary project contractors: the master of makeup and hairstyles, decorators and florists, barber or transfer


We create bows for photo shoots from the existing wardrobe of the client. If necessary, I give recommendations on the purchase of additional clothing


On the agreed date, you will be met by make-up and hairstyles specialists in the dressing rooms, they will prepare and then take a photo.


During the required time, the entire photo material is carefully selected, color corrected, processed and optimized in size

Transfer photo

Ready photographs are uploaded to a special file sharing service and the download link is provided via instant messenger or via email
A little useful about filming employees

What should a customer know about shooting a team?

Shooting for the company team

Where to take pictures of employees - in the office or studio?

If you have a choice where to take pictures of employees: in an office or studio, first of all you need to decide on your goals. Consider an example where the customer wants to post a photo of a team or staff on the site, in the section our team. This is a very popular scenario.

Additional value of the photo is expected from posting on social networks, under the heading “expert opinion”. In this case, the task comes from the design and design style of the site and social. company networks. We recommend choosing a studio interior that blends well with the site’s color palette, which ultimately enhances the brand’s external perception.

Thus, you should consider a couple of steps ahead of the placement of the photo, and the decision will come by itself.

What business goals does a corporate photo shoot solve?

The shooting of employees is often ordered by beginners, new companies, as well as already powerful, well-known brands. The main goal of such a photo shoot is to increase consumer confidence in the company. It is achieved by demonstrating the expertise and the number of staff in the company. This technique always positively affects the decision-making by the buyer, because it is always nice to know that there are real people behind the brand. At its core, a corporate photo shoot of employees is part of the company's branding strategy, which is also important to think through and plan. The most popular corporate photo placements: Company website, Company social networks, flyers, booklets and other offline handouts, media, thematic portals with various reviews and interviews, business profiles on Linkedin of employees themselves, offline banner (promotional stands, etc.)

Photosession of employees in Kiev
Photosession for employees in the company office

Do employees need to get ready before shooting?

Yes, and yes again. Not only the conditions in which the portrait of the employee will be made (studio, interior, light, office), but also his appearance are very important. It is very important that all employees on the eve of the shooting put themselves in order whenever possible. For example, men shaved, cut their hair, and refrained from drinking alcohol and salty foods for several days, which will refresh their skin. After all, the purpose of the portrait is to show a healthy, active and pleasant team that you can entrust your money with and use their services or purchase their goods. Another important point is clothing. If the marketing goals include one style and color of clothing, you should take care of this in advance. But if everyone will have the same identity, it will in the complex act positively on your brand in different sources, increasing recognition when touching information.

Thus, to summarize, corporate employee surveying is a kind of equation with several key variables. The formula of such an equation will look like this somewhere: Success (x) = photographer + location + image by colors and clothes + grooming of a person.

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