How to make a model portfolio

The model portfolio consists of professional and creative. Professional are snaps and model tests that usually interest everyone. Creative (fashion & beauty) - works that fade into the background when choosing a model. As a rule, models make them for different creative projects.

How to create a portfolio model?

There are specific types of photos that agencies need first. Employers prefer to see photos that demonstrate the versatility of the model and its ability to express themselves. Agencies prefer to see how well a model is capable of depicting a feeling or emotion in their photographs.

Below is a list of snaps and tests that you need to have in your portfolio of a professional model.

Professional model portfolio

Portrait snaps

Close-up, or in other words, portrait snaps, is the type of photograph that you should focus on when you are doing your first photo session. In this case, you need a photograph of the face of the model, usually from the shoulders. The purpose of the snapshot is to show the model in its most natural state, which allows the agency or client to see what the model looks like without heavy makeup or styling. Makeup, hairstyles and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Models usually do not smile at this picture. Portrait snaps should always be the first photo in the model's portfolio.

Model portfolio: portrait snaps

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Go to the page and check out our examples of model portfolios. You can always ask clarifying questions, to which we will be happy to answer. If you want to become a famous and popular photo model, you definitely need to make a portfolio.



A portfolio for a model is a long-term investment in a modeling career that will undoubtedly pay off when used correctly


Smiling snaps

If you do not have a smiling snep in the model portfolio, be sure to add a picture where you smile. Agents and customers will want to see your smile, and more importantly, your teeth. Do not worry if you do not have a Hollywood smile, in fact, many supermodels are known for their far from perfect teeth. In one of the episodes of America's NEXT Top-Model, Tyra Banks, actually sent one of the participants to the dentist to make a small gap in her teeth even wider! The conclusion is that models do not have to worry much about perfect teeth. Agents and customers just want to see and understand what they have to work with.

Model portfolio: smiling snep

Model snep figures

The next photo in the model's portfolio should be a full-length snapshot. This snapshot allows the client to see the proportions of the model and the type of shape. Clothing must be exemplary and simple. Slim jeans and T-shirt is one of the easiest choices. The model should not wear long dresses, skirts or too many layers, as they will distract and hide what agents and clients are trying to see.

Model portfolio: snep figures

SNEP in swimsuit

If you are planning to take pictures in a bathing suit or underwear, then this should be the next photo in your portfolio. When a photo shoot in a swimsuit, it is important to show the merits of the figure, but not to go over the edge. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that posing and demonstration of emotions are not relevant. Shooting must be carried out in heels.

What if a model agency asks for nude photos?

Remember that female models sell clothes to women, not men, so models must be sexy, but not sexually explicit and depraved. The best modeling agencies will never want to see you in a bathing suit or underwear on the hood of a car or on the wheels of a motorcycle. Male models can be shot either in swimming trunks or in boxers.

Model portfolio: Snep in a swimsuit

Model Tests

Now that you have a portrait, a full-length shot, as well as in a bathing suit or underwear, you can have fun. Model tests reflect the type and character of the model, her skills of transformation and the ability to show herself. The pictures in the middle of your model portfolio can be a little more creative. We conduct snaps and tests in the discharge of a portrait photo shoot.

Try to show agents and customers your ability to move and express yourself in your photos. Don't just stand and pose! Jump, run, dance! Do something expressive and interesting. Supermodel Coco Rocha is famous for its expressive and unique style. Do yourself a favor and learn Coco Rooch and her style; this will be a great start.

Tip: Learn the 1000 poses from Coco Rocha

Model Portfolio: Model Tests

Strong final snapshot in portfolio

Always end up with one of your strongest photographs. Another great shot, or snaps that is different from all your snapshots in a portfolio, will work great in this situation. Most customers will only remember the first and last photos in your model portfolio, so make sure these images are the strongest. Try to convey to the agency a central message about your strengths!

Model Portfolio: Final Snapshot

As a result, a model portfolio is a work in progress.

The aim of the model's photo portfolio is not simple filling it with a bunch of photos. A model's portfolio must tell the story of who the model is, his or her brand, and the direction in which the model moves throughout its career. It’s much better to have three or four great shots than 30 mediocre photos. Shooting a model portfolio from a professional photographer is the basis of your successful future. The portfolio of a model is a work in progress, it never ends and is always supplemented.

Every time you do a photo session, you get better and better! Stick to this path and you will surely succeed!

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