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We appreciate the privacy of our users. Using all available network capabilities in working with Internet resources, you can be absolutely sure about the safety of personal information.

The data that users provide when filling out a registration form or during other manipulations are used only for the purpose of preparing and sending service offers. Also, there are clauses in the agreement that stipulate special cases when some data can be transferred to third parties.

Data required for the site

The data required for the service is to be filled in the registration form, which are Name, E-mail and Phone Number. Thus, the user voluntarily agrees to receive letters or calls from Alona Perepelitsa.

Purpose of collecting personal information

The only thing for which information about the user is used is sending emails to the email and making an outgoing call. The name that is indicated in the registration form is necessary for personal appeal. In a letter from the company you can get information about the details of the upcoming shooting or other agreed project.

All information provided is not passed on to third parties. The exception to the rule can only be compliance with the requirements of the law, which is provided for in the Agreement. Personal data of users is stored on special servers, where all information is protected and can be used only in cases specified by the Agreement.

The user has the right to unsubscribe. Then his name and email address will be automatically deleted from the database. Just one click of the mouse on the corresponding paragraph, which is in each received letter, is enough.

How we use personal data

The site uses cookies and information about users of the Google Analytics service.

They are used to collect data on the movements of visitors on the site. Such control provides an opportunity to improve the work of the resource. This approach allows better focusing on the preferences of visitors and create content that interests users.

In the settings of each browser, you can disable the sending of cookies or indicate the need to confirm each sending. These actions, of course, will keep you from spreading information about your movements in the network, but at the same time some sites and features will not be available.

Protection of personal information

To ensure the confidentiality of information about users, we apply various security measures, including administrative, managerial and technical. In accordance with international standards of control, we not only collect data, but we are fully responsible for their safety.

But, in spite of the high level of security of your personal data, the user also needs to follow certain rules. When working on the Internet, be careful not to share your personal information.

Our developers are doing everything possible to prevent the possibility of information leakage, unreasonable use and change of personal data. But 100% of the guarantee cannot provide any online service, as no one is insured against the illegal hacking of the system. A hacker attack can create conditions for other people to get data.

If certain privacy policy items change, then all users will receive a notification of these changes to their email. To clarify any questions directly with the site administration, you can send an email to


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Denial of responsibility

According to the current Ukrainian legislation, the Site Administration reserves the right to refuse to provide any warranty agreements or representations that may otherwise be borne in mind, and also, using this right, disclaims all responsibility in relation to the Site itself, its Content and their operation.

Regardless of the circumstances, the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility to any of the possible parties that have arisen. The Administration of our Site will not be liable for any possible damage caused directly, indirectly or in a special way, from the use in any interest of the information and data posted on our Site or on any other resource, on the page of which there is a hyperlink from this Site. Also, the Administration of the Site will not be liable for any diseases that may arise from access or use of this Site, as well as from the use of the information posted on it.

The Site Administration is not responsible for any damage received from the operation of this Site or its contents, as well as from any Internet portal related to the Site, from any omission, system failure, error, delay in transmission, defect, inability to use the Site, downtime in work, computer virus, interruption, which can lead: to loss of work and performance, to a decrease in activity and productivity, to loss of programs or any data, to the omission of any benefit, to the suspension of economic activity, to deduction from school, as well as to the emergence of various kinds of dependencies. For all of the above, the Administration of the Site is not liable, even if the administration is notified of the likelihood of such damage in advance.

The user confirms his agreement that any possible disputes will be resolved based on the norms of Ukrainian law. 

The user confirms his agreement that any existing laws and regulations protecting the rights of consumers have no effect on this Site, since the Site does not provide paid services.

When using this site, you confirm your full agreement with all the information submitted on this page - "Disclaimer". Also, you confirm your full agreement with all the Rules of the Site, taking into your account all the responsibility, possibly imposed on you.

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