The red-haired girl in a bodysuit sits on an armchair
Beautiful girl in a black dress sits near a lantern
Portrait of a red-haired girl in a black dress
Beautiful red-haired girl in a black dress sitting on an armchair
The girl sexually stands in a black dress
Portrait of a girl in the boudoir style
Portrait of a red-haired girl on a background of a mirror

Stage 1 - from idea to image

We decided to shoot in express mode, and did not bother much about the image and idea. It's simple: you need to show the model elegantly and sexually in the style of a boudoir. As clothes used personal wardrobe Margot. The concept involved an hour-long express shoot at Light Studio Photo Space, a retro-style hall. Things were picked up by color and palette, because the main object of the photo shoot in the boudoir is the figure and body of the model, which only emphasizes clothes or underwear.

A girl in a black bodysuit and jacket stands near a mirror and an armchair
Boudoir portrait of a girl near the mirror
Girl in the light of a lantern
Sexy girl in bodysuit stands near the mirror
Sexy look of a red-haired girl
Boudoir portrait of a girl by the light of a lantern
The mysterious look of a red-haired beauty in the light of a lantern

Preparing for a photo shoot: Time and Place

We decided to shoot on a weekday, as time with the model and photographer allowed. We did not involve additional contractors (make-up artists, stylists) in the project, since Margo herself is a specialist in the beauty industry and took over the preparation herself. The boudoir photo shoot itself took place in February, and the weather outside the window was appropriate, cloudy. However, at noon, there was enough light to fully realize the project. For clothes, we agreed to make 2-3 images: in the body, dress and underwear. Thus, 20 minutes per image.

Girl sitting near a chair on the floor in a black bodysuit
Sexy look down
The red-haired girl sits in a jacket and black body near a brown chair
Portrait of a beautiful girl in a black bodysuit sitting on the floor
Girl sitting on the floor in a black bodysuit and jacket
Reflection of a girl in the mirror
Mysterious portrait of a girl sitting on the floor
Sexy look of a girl in a black bodysuit

Photo Shoot Day: How was it?

On the appointed day, 10 minutes before the start of the boudoir survey, Margo and I met in the studio's waiting area. The model was already ready for the photo shoot and we just talked, made contact and tuned in to the wave. Further, when our time has come, we proceeded to the hall and began a photo shoot. So, as Rita previously had no experience in such filming (boudoir) for the first 20 minutes, she was embarrassed by the camera. But in the course of an active dialogue, I managed to liberate her in order to achieve sexuality and femininity in her posing. The entire photo shoot took place on a 24-70 f/2.8 lens, and during the change of angles, all focal lengths were used within the limits of accessibility. The diaphragm was in the region of 3 to 5.

Girl in underwear on the background of a window
Sexy girl in underwear
Boudoir style portrait for a red-haired girl in underwear
Beautiful girl in lingerie stands by the large window
Red-haired girl in lingerie stands at the window

Selection, florist and retouching

For 1 hour of the boudoir studio photo shoot, we took about 120 source photos. After the selection, a series of 40 photos remained, which have uniqueness among themselves. Further, all material was manually painted through Lightroom. There she made a correction of sharpness, contrasts of color saturation and shades. Further, the photos were retouched - minor defects in the scene were removed (wires, things, extra objects removed), skin was cleaned and general smoothing was performed. But the goal of retouching is not to make another person out of Margo, the task of retouching is only to make small improvements to the available photos. You can see the result on this page.

Girl in underwear straightens hair
Sexy look of a girl in lingerie by the window
Girl looking out the window

Boudoir (Nude)

A great way for a girl to create unique photographs of her sexuality and capture her beauty through a photo shoot.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Boudoir (Nude) photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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