Girl notary in a coat sits on an armchair
Brunette girl in milk golf sits in a photo studio
The girl leaned on a chair against the background of the wall
A brunette in a coat and a knee-length is standing against the wall
A girl sitting in a brown chair
Brunette in a cream suit sits on the couch
Girl sitting on a brown sofa in a photo studio
Girl notary in a cream suit sits on the couch
Beautiful girl in a suit sitting on the couch

From idea to image in shooting for a Notary

A photo session for a notary is, first of all, an understanding of the peculiarities of the environment and the business world in which the customer exists. I am aware of the business environment, the standards of perception and identification in the legal path from my previous work experience (as a lawyer), and clearly represent the expectations for identity. Based on all this, the image of the model was built, where Irina in the photo should combine a number of slightly contradictory concepts at once: be strict, cold and at the same time simple and friendly. This image perfectly reinforces a personal brand on social media. networks and in publications on various thematic media. The shades were selected soft, which contributed to the easy perception of the frame. According to clothes, the sets were formed from the client's wardrobe, according to colors and styles, combined with the upcoming location of the photo studio.

Portrait of a girl on the couch against the background of a retro lamp
Brunette girl in a cream suit sits on the couch
A girl stands near the artist's table against the background of sculptures
A girl with a book sits on the background of paintings and sculptures
A girl sitting in a chair looks at the phone next to a palm tree
A girl in a jacket sits on an armchair

Preparing for a photo session: Time and Place

As I wrote earlier, the shooting took place in two halls of the Inlight photo studio. The choice fell on this photo studio is not easy. The inlay has everything you need to create the final picture: a large and spacious interior, huge windows that let in a maximum of natural light to the location and location in the required color. We approved the time for shooting at lunchtime, since it is winter time and it is at noon that you can achieve the maximum soft and diffusing natural light in winter. Irina and I agreed on clothes online, where the customer sent me a photo of his wardrobe, and I recommended what and with what would go well. So, a week before the shooting, we approved and agreed everything.

Girl in purple suit sitting on blue sofa
Brunette in purple suit and clock sits in studio
A girl stands on the background of a palm tree and a blue sofa
Business portrait for a notary
A girl in a gray checkered suit sits in a chair against the background of a lantern

Photo shoot day: how was it?

Traditionally, on the day of shooting, 15 minutes before the start of the preparation block, a make-up and styling master was already waiting for the client in the dressing room of the photo studio. The makeup artist already had a photo of the model, wishes for styling and make-up, which made it possible not to waste time preparing for discussing the image. In 1 hour the model was ready for shooting and in a good mood. At this time, I was already in the photo studio and preparing the location for the photo session. The first 15-20 minutes the model got used to me and the camera, we talked, creating an easy and calm atmosphere at the location. After 20 minutes, Irina's emotional state was ready to generate the necessary emotions and facial expressions. I shot it on a Sony A7RII camera paired with a 24-70 f / 2.8 lens. The advantage of this kit is that I can quickly change the scene capture and take a wide shot without changing the optics. At the same time, quickly unscrew 70mm and take portraits. The shoot lasted 3 hours and we were able to cover 6 images.

Strong frame for a notary in a gray suit against the background of a lantern
Creative angle for a girl in a photo studio
A brunette in a gray suit in a cage sits in a burgundy chair against the backdrop of a lantern
Portrait of a girl in a gray jacket against the background of a blue embossed suede wall
A brunette in a gray jacket stands with her arms crossed against the background of a dark blue wall

Selection, color correction and retouching

As a result of the photo session for Irina's notary, we made about 350 original photographs. Of these, we left a series of 200 photos, removing duplicates, not sharp ones and a marriage in facial expressions (closed eyes, conversation, etc.). All 200 have been adjusted in Lightroom, brightness, contrast, balances and curves. Next, we selected a series of 50 best photos, in my opinion, and sent it for retouching. For retouching, we carried out light (minimal) plastics and cleaning of the scene. As a result - the finished result on this page.

Bright portrait of a girl in a gray jacket against the background of a lantern
A brunette in a blue dress stands by a burgundy armchair against a blue wall
Girl in blue dress posing
Brunette in a blue dress works on the phone
A brunette in a hot pink sweater and black pants sits on the steps of the stairs


The optimal solution for business people to maintain their status and create premium content for the purpose of publications in the media.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Business & Corporate photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.


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