Individual female photo session: a girl in a white dress
Individual women's photo shoot: the girl smiles at sunset
Individual women's photo shoot: a deep look of the girl
Individual female photo session: the girl sits at the table
Individual women's photo session: the girl on the background of the fountain

Stage 1 - from idea to image

Darina by her nature is beautiful, slim and not tall. By the character she is modest, polite, but self-confident and knowing her rights (a bit later I will tell you why). Initially, when Dasha turned to me for a photo session, she already knew what she wanted, she had a dress for shooting and an idea of ​​what she wanted to do with a haircut, because the concept primarily implied was naturalness. So for the most part, we agreed on the location of the photo shoot. As a result, we came to a consensus that this image would best reveal the town of Outlet in 10 km from Kiev. Knowing the location feature, namely that there is not very crowded, quite interesting architecture, well-groomed and neat, we settled on it almost immediately.

Individual women's photo shoot: the shy look of a girl
Individual female photo session: a beautiful female smile
Individual women's photo shoot: a girl's look to the side
Individual women's photo shoot: girl look left

Preparing for a photo shoot: Time and Place

For a photo shoot, we chose a weekday in order to avoid large crowded locations. Yes, this is always the case, if you hold a photo session in an open and beautiful location - it is best to choose a weekday, and not during the lunch break. In this interval, the least of all passers-by who fall into the frame. The shooting was to take place on a warm August evening, the weather was sunny and not cloudy. So, as we were looking for the sunset, the photo shoot was scheduled for 19:00, because in the summer the sun sets quite late. We approved the following procedure: Previously, 2 hours before the start of the photo session, a makeup artist arrived at Darin's house and conducts full preparation of the model, then she went straight to the photo session. At such locations, it is extremely difficult for a makeup artist to make an image, as the constant wind and the people who walk around are very distracting. We decided to divide the shooting into 2 parts: the first on the streets of the village, and the second on the parking lot, which was already empty by this time.

Individual women's photo shoot: the girl rests on a brick column
Individual women's photo shoot: the girl look down
Individual women's photo shoot: the girl at sunset, look away
Individual female photo session: the girl at sunset is smiling

Shooting day: How it was?

On the day of the shooting, almost everything went beyond the plan. At the appointed time, a makeup artist came to Darina and prepared a full image. Next, the model went to the location. At the time of its arrival, I was already on the spot and managed to walk around the Manufactory, to plan places for shooting. 80% of the women photo sessions I do with 85mm portrait lens which worked every penny of its value. I used the diaphragm at levels 1.4 - 1.8. The first 30 minutes were very comfortable and calm, we found common themes with the model and turned the shooting into a walk. But not everything is as beautiful as we would like. At the 40th minute of shooting, strange things started to happen. Some strangers specifically stood between the model and me, while looking to the side, deliberately creating interference for shooting. The first few times we thought it was an accident and decided to ignore it and went to another place. But these people followed us. Then when we addressed them with the question: What is happening, they answered that shooting on the territory is prohibited. Immediately, it’s not known where the man in camouflage uniforms came from and presented himself as a security guard - he said that the photo sessions in the territory were paid. At the same time, he said that we have to pay the shooting directly to him in the amount of 1500 UAH. But we were not confused. Knowing our rights perfectly well, we tactfully drove away went to another place. But the annoying "guard" did not leave us until the end of the shooting trying to get into the frame. So if you want to shoot there - get ready for adventure. Fortunately, this did not stop us from making the project in full and get the intended result.

Individual women's photo shoot: the girl runs against the backdrop of the sunset
Individual women's photo shoot: the girl is smiling at sunset

Selection, color correction and retouching

Following the results of the women's individual photo shoot with Darina, we received about 200 original photos in raw format. After the selection, we went to a series of 100 photos, which were sent for colouring. Since the shooting took place at dusk time, the final photos had a different shade of lighting, unlike the initial ones. In the process of colouring, it was possible to align the tone of the entire series. The whole effect was achieved exclusively by hand, without the use of presets and templates. Further selected the best angles and emotions. It turned out a series of 30 photos for retouching. At retouching, I cleaned the skin a little, added sharpness and removed unnecessary objects in the frame. The result you can see on this page.

Individual female photo session: a girl is standing with her back against the sunset
Individual female photo session: a girl in a white dress is standing on the bridge
Individual female photo session: the girl on the bridge

Girls & Woman

Photography for girls is the perfect solution for creative self-realization. Expand the image of femininity and tenderness through the photo.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Girls & Woman photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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