Portrait of a lawyer in a gray suit
Lawyer in a gray jacket against a background of a wooden wall
Business portrait for a lawyer in the studio
Portrait of a lawyer from Kiev
Image photo session for a lawyer
Photo session for a lawyer Kiev

Preparation and organization of shooting for a lawyer

Dmitry is a famous attorney (lawyer) in Kiev. Based on this, it is obvious that the client does not have a lot of time to plan, prepare and organize the project. Also, it is worth noting an important component of filming for lawyers and attorneys - this is the emotions and mood of the model at the time of shooting. Due to the regular psychological stress, such people will not just relax in front of the camera and give out the necessary emotions. I selected the studio with shades based on the shooting goals. Also, we took into account the shades of costumes that will be on the customer.

Portrait for a lawyer
Portrait of a lawyer in a vest and white shirt
Photo session for a lawyer in Kiev
Business photography for a lawyer
Business photo of a lawyer in a white shirt

Day of the photo session - how it was.

The shooting took place at the "Standard" tariff, and included preliminary preparation of the client by a make-up artist. At the moment Dmitry arrived in the studio, a makeup artist was already waiting for him in the dressing room. The preliminary task was set: apply skin tone (light, skin tone) and make styling + fixation. After 30 minutes, shooting began. As a photographer, I exposed the model in the right angles and poses to achieve the desired picture. The shooting lasted 2 hours in the Icon studio. I worked with artificial and natural light at the same time, so I was able to expose all the photos in the necessary balance even at the source stage. In terms of instruments, it was Sony A7rII + Sony 24-70 f/2.8, which gave the necessary sharpness and clarity. This page contains only a few photos from a whole series of 120 photos, each of which has a similar quality to these.

Studio photo of a lawyer in a suit
A deep portrait for a lawyer in the Kiev studio
Photo of a lawyer in front of a studio mirror
Portrait of a lawyer in a blue suit
Portrait of a lawyer in a blue suit on a background of wooden doors


The optimal solution for business people to maintain their status and create premium content for the purpose of publications in the media.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Business & Corporate photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.


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