Portfolio for a child in Kiev
Boy with long blond hair in black clothes and sneakers sits on a white background
Two brothers in white tracksuits on a pink background
Two boys in soccer uniforms on a pink background
Children's portfolio for the agency
Boys throw their caps up on the pink cyclorama
Boy with colorful eyes
A boy sitting on a pink barrel

From idea to image

The images of the children's photo shoot for the modeling agency were agreed in advance according to the references from the customer. The clothes for the models were also provided by the customer. On our part, a selection of locations and photo studios was carried out for the most efficient use of shooting time. Moreover, in Kiev, there are only a few photo studios where you can take aqua photography. The main difficulty of this shooting was the part with water, but more on that in the next section.

Boy model portrait
Photos of children for a model portfolio
Shooting model tests for children in Kiev
Boy in white shirt yellow pants and red hat
Model shot for a child in a white shirt
Boy in a black jacket photo for a modeling agency
Children's advertising photography for a modeling agency

Shooting day: how it was

At the appointed time, the models (two brothers Nazar and Zakhar, aged 9 and 10), together with their parents, arrived at the photo studio. The first 2 hours we worked with models on different backgrounds under artificial lighting. There we were creative and improvising, working out the technical task of the modeling agency: we filmed different emotions, camera angles and worked with a small number of scenes. Admittedly, working with children as models is more difficult than working with adults, but that's what they are children. The difficulty lies in the fact that young children have an endless supply of energy that they cannot control and strictly follow the photographer's instructions. This leads to the fact that shooting usually takes twice as long as an adult to get the desired result. The second part of the shooting took place at the location of the aqua zone. There we also worked with artificial light and water. Their parents poured water on them, and at the moment, at short exposures, I caught pictures in the freeze.

Shooting children's portfolio on a blue background
Bright children's model portfolio
Portrait of a boy in a white shirt in the water
A boy stands on one hand in a spray of water
Boy dancing on one hand in splashes of water
Boy laughing with closed eyes and wet head
Portrait of a boy with eyes of different colors
Model tests for a child in Kiev
Snapshots of the model for children in Kiev
Two brothers fooling around in the water
Two boys in white stand on their arms in the water
Two brothers model posing for portfolio
Boy in a white t-shirt on a black background in splashes of water
Boy posing in model portfolio shooting for children
Portrait of a child model for portfolio
Boy in red sports uniform posing on black background
Boy with multi-colored eyes in a red t-shirt portrait
Shooting a children's model portfolio in Kiev


A portfolio for a model is a long-term investment in a modeling career that will undoubtedly pay off when used correctly

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Model portfolio". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.


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