Guy in a denim shirt and sunglasses
Young guy walking along the columns of the museum against the background of the statue
A guy in sunglasses stands at the column of the museum
Young man sits near an old statue in the sun
A guy in white sneakers and a denim shirt stands near a lion statue
A young man descends the stairs against the background of the columns of the museum
Young guy jumping in the stadium
Sports guy runs in the stadium
A man in a burgundy shirt on the background of a multi-storey building

Stage 1 - from idea to image

We selected the image for the street summer shooting quite quickly. The basic concept was the lightness, simplicity and style of the model. Denis used all things from his own wardrobe, as he regularly updates the assortment of clothes. According to the format, we determined to use the available spots in Kiev for photo shoots, which will not be crowded. It became the National Museum of Art, a cycle track with the territory next to it, a cafe in the city center, and in the end - a photo studio W.

Portrait of a guy in a burgundy shirt on the background of jogging tracks
The guy in the burgundy shirt is smiling
Portrait of a man on the background of a multi-storey building
A guy in a jacket and white sneakers sits on the parapet at the apartment building
Portrait of a guy outdoors in summer weather
Guy in sunglasses outdoors portrait
The guy rests his foot on the railing and smiles.
Portrait of a young man on the street
Photo of a guy on a summer day against the blue sky and roofs of houses
Stylish portrait of a guy in a jacket on a background of street art
Photo of a walking young man in sunglasses and a jacket

Stage 2 - Time and Place

Since, according to the plan, it was a summer street photo shoot, we agreed to hold it in beautiful places of the city, where there will be fewer people. The photos should have been light and natural, without any load from passers-by. The main emphasis was on the image and style of a healthy, athletic young guy. Another important factor was the fact that Denis is a fruit-eater (yes, he eats exclusively fruits). In the shooting, it was necessary to make scenes that he could use for posts dedicated to his food style. For this, we chose a cafe in the eco-friendly style, in the center of Kiev, where various different plants were located and it was possible to order vega dishes. We decided to make the final part in the Kiev photo studio - W, Nivelir Hall.

Photo of a guy with a phone in his hand in a cafe
Portrait of a young man in sunglasses in a cafe
The guy works at a laptop while sitting in a cafe
Portrait of a young man sitting at a laptop
Photo of a young man through plant leaves in a cafe
Smiling guy sitting on a sofa in a cafe
A guy with a glass of orange juice in his hand is standing by a large sheet
Young man with laptop in cafe
Portrait of a guy in a cafe through the glass
Young man with a laptop on his lap sitting on a sofa
A guy in a gray suit sits in a cafe and smiles.

Shooting day: How it was?

Due to the fact that not long before the shooting, Denis returned from Thailand, his skin was clean and tanned. We decided not to make an extra skin tone, but he did the styling on his own. Met by 10 in the morning, at the museum, we immediately started shooting. The photoshoot took place on a weekday, and we were lucky that the museum did not have excursions. In fact, at the location we were only two of us. After, we went to the Sports Palace to the planned restaurants. It is worth noting that with this format of moving around the city, using your own car, difficulties arise when parking in the center, there is no banal space and you have to leave the car 600-1000 m from the location, bypassing this distance on foot. Because of this, there is a loss of time and effort for everyone - the model and the photographer. After fulfilled tasks, we went to the cycle track, and shot some of the content provided for by the plan there. Why such an order? The route was planned taking into account the optimization of the distance and time required to get to the survey points. So we won more than 1 hour, and 40 km, than if we had not planned all the details. After we went to the studio, where we closed the last part of the plan.

A man in a gray suit sits on a wicker chair in a restaurant
The guy in the gray jacket smiles and looks away
Glass of Orange Fresh
The guy sits in a lotus position next to the sofa

Selection, color correction and retouching

The entire summer photo session on the streets of Kiev lasted more than 4.5 hours. During this time I made more than 500 frames. After importing into LR and rejecting, a series of 200 shots remained, approximately 50 per location. This material went to further work. We made color correction, control of contrast and sharpness, exposure control and white balance. In my work I do not use presets and setups, I always paint photos manually, since all photographs have unique basic parameters (locations, colors and lights). After the series was ready, it was transferred to Denis as a project, where he selected a photo for retouching. This retouched series is presented on the page, I hope you enjoyed it!

Guy in a white shirt on a background of sunny sunset
Guy in a white shirt sitting in the sun reading a newspaper
A young man sits in a white shirt and gym shoes on a sofa
The guy sits on the couch in the sunset

Boys & Man

Photography for boys & man is a professional solution for receiving content in social networks.

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service "Boys & Man photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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