Mom and daughter lie on the bed and cover their eyes with their hands
Mom hugs her daughter
Daughter with mom have fun in the morning
Mom and daughter waking up lie in bed with a cat
Mom rolls her daughter on a swing
Little girl swinging on a room swing
Mom and daughter ride on a room swing
Mom bathes her daughter in the bathroom
Mom bathes her little daughter in the bathroom

Stage 1 - from an idea to an image for a photo shoot mom and daughter

Choosing the image for the photo shoot of mom and daughter, I was guided primarily by the ideas of color compatibility. In other words, the color palette in the clothes of both models should be harmoniously combined with several factors at once: Autumn (autumn, cloudy weather), nature (park, embankment and fallen autumn foliage from the trees), hair color of mother and daughter. For this image, it was necessary to buy (rent, buy, return) raincoats of one style and color. As it turned out, this is not so simple in Kiev, because there are shops where there is only clothing for adults, and shops where everything is for children. In general, in my observation, stylish clothes for children are a problem, there are very few of them. But by joint efforts with the Mama model, we managed to find 2 very similar in style and color to the women's raincoats: for Mom and daughter. Bottom - wear jeans and sneakers to enhance informality and lightness. Take similar black backpacks. On the hairstyle, we approved to make curls, but wrap them in a roll, so that during the project, expand and complement the image.

Mom with daughter in bathrobes are sitting on the couch
Mom and daughter look at magazines and drink tea
Mom and daughter are sitting on the couch in bathrobes and drinking tea
Mom with daughter in bathrobes play on the bed
Mom with daughter in bathrobes and towels on her head
Mom with daughter lie in glasses and bathrobes on the bed
Mom helps daughter pack up
Mom does a hairstyle to her daughter
Mom and daughter look in the mirror
Reflection in the mirror of mom with daughter in bathrobes
Mom makes her daughter's hairstyle
Mom and daughter pick out clothes

Stage 2 - Time and Place

Based on the fact that the “Mom and Daughter” project took place in the form of the “Day of Life” service, we decided to spend the morning awakening and training scene in the W studio, where there was everything necessary for the maximum recreation of the morning atmosphere of domestic life. After, use the locations of Kiev for a photo shoot in the following order: Pedestrian bridge across the Dnieper (Park Bridge). From it, walk along the embankment to Postal Square, visit McDonald’s, then shoot the scene of a walk along the Dnieper at the very water and end in Lower Mariinsky Park. The day for this was chosen weekdays in order to minimize the passage of passers-by into the frame, who could potentially walk in the approved locations. The weather at that time was supposed to be traditional for the second half of October - cloudy, cool and damp.

Mom and daughter are walking along the bridge
Daughter snuggled up and hugged her mom
Mom kisses her daughter on the cheek holding her in her arms
Mom kisses her daughter
Mom and daughter run across the bridge
Mom and daughter run across the bridge and laugh
Daughter pulls her mom's hand
Daughter shows her mom pointing hand
Mom with daughter cuddle on the bridge
Mom and daughter laugh standing at the railing on the bridge
Daughter hugs her mom
Little girl sitting on mom’s arms is surprised
Mother and daughter strolling under an autumn tree
A little girl sits in the arms of her mother against the background of fallen foliage

Shooting day: How it was?

It all started with how we all arrived at the photo studio. Since the first part of the photo session, Mom and daughter assumed scenes related to awakening and morning gatherings - there were no makeup or styling on the models. We started working at 8:00 in the morning, barely having time to drink a cup of coffee. By the way, in the photo studio there was a small kitten who also became a participant in the photo shoot. The shooting took place without the use of artificial light sources. But, at 8 in the morning, in the second half of October, especially in cloudy times - natural light is not quite enough for comfortable work. This is exactly the situation when the aperture ratio of optics matters. Fortunately, my values ​​were enough for comfortable work in such low light. All photos were bright and sharp, without the need to greatly overestimate ISO. For focal points, for the most part I worked at 35mm to capture the scene and transmit the atmosphere. Next, we went to the second part - the street. Mom and daughters made hairstyles, after which we started shooting. Everything went according to the chronology of the plan. The walk lasted about 4 hours, for which we managed to do everything. An important point will be to indicate that for small children, projects of such a duration are not easy, and care should be taken in advance to make the child comfortable. Hold a photo shoot as a game with nice prizes / bonuses.

Mom and daughter drink cocoa at McDonald's
Mom kisses her daughter on the cheek while she grimaces
Little girl in a beret under an umbrella
Mom and daughter in raincoats under an umbrella
Mom and daughter look through the railing at the promenade
Mom and daughter run along the promenade
Mom and daughter throw hats
Mom and daughter are sitting in a round ball
Little daughter cuddled up to her mom
Little daughter looks at mom asking eyes
Cheerful and happy little girl
Mom with daughter cuddling on the background of graffiti
Mom and daughter stand on the Dnerpa pier
Portrait of mom with a daughter
Mom with a daughter on a background of water in brown raincoats
Mom with daughter on the Dnieper embankment
Mom with daughter in brown cloaks stand on the river bank

Selection, color correction and retouching

During the shooting day, we visited more than 5 locations: In the park, on the embankment, on the bridge, on the square and in the photo studio. As a result, it turned out to make 950 source pictures. Small children are harder to predict than adults. That is why, you have to literally catch them by chance to get the desired result. After importing into LR, and selecting, a series of 250 excellent shots was released, which were stained and adjusted. Dale retouching stage. So, as the photo shoot mother and daughter mostly took place on the street - the main retouch fell on the cleaning of our Kiev streets. As a result, 70 photos were received, which will go to print a photobook from the project “Mom Daughter Photo Shoot”.

Little girl plays with an umbrella on the promenade
Mom and daughter hold an umbrella in the direction of the water near the river
Stylish mother and daughter fooling around on the Dnieper embankment
Mom and daughter walk along the promenade along the bridge
Cheerful mom and daughter are walking on the promenade
Mom and daughter run through the underpass to the river
Mom and daughter in orange sweaters walk in the park in autumn
Little girl holds a fallen maple leaf and covers her eyes
Little daughter hugged mom holding autumn leaves in her hand
Mom with daughter cuddling in the autumn park
Joyful little daughter sits in her mother's arms in the autumn park
Mom and daughter fooling around in the autumn park
Mom throws leaves on her daughter in the park
Mom with daughter play in the autumn park with leaves
Mom with daughter throw autumn leaves with their foot in the park


An ideal solution for a family to keep bright memories in the form of photos, to spend time together and leave bright moments in memory

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service Family Photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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