Mom hugs her daughter sitting on the bed
Daughter with her mom covered with a towel
Young family plays on the bed
Parents gave gifts to children at the New Year tree
Family in full assembly having fun in bed
Family of 4 in gray pants and white socks
A young family stands on the 2nd floor
Family sitting on stairs and smiling

Stage 1 - from idea to image

To create a cool end result, you always need to carefully plan everything at the preparation stage. As part of the family “Day of Life”, we had to work in 3 locations: a photo studio, city streets and nature. At first, the plot was developed, which was based on the script of a typical weekend, lived by the family. Further, on this plot, I made a shooting plan: I picked up 3 locations that will fully reveal the essence of the day. A family of 4 people participated in the shooting - Mom, Dad, daughter and little son. Further, knowing the places and locations in the upcoming photo shoot, an image was developed according to the style of clothes and colors. Everything had to be harmoniously combined at each stage.

Father and his son are sitting at a table by the window
Family is preparing for breakfast while sitting at the table
Family has breakfast at the same table
Parents with children sit at the same table and have breakfast
Friendly family hugs near a large window at the table
Family portrait at the table
Parents play with children in the kitchen
Father is reading a book to his son while sitting on a sofa
Dad plays with his son
Parents bathe their son in the bathroom

Етап 2 - Час і місце

The shooting took place in the first half of November. The weather on the street was already quite cool, + 5-9, cloudy, which is quite characteristic of this time of year. Dawn at this time of the year can be considered from 9:00. For the “Day of Life” photo project of the family, we chose a weekday in order to avoid the passage of passers-by into the frame. The start of the training camp was scheduled for 9:00 in the morning to begin filming at 10:00. The first location on our list was W studio, which we worked on for 1 hour. Next, they planned to shoot in the center of Kiev, walk along the streets, looking into different yards. The last location and scene was an impromptu picnic in the car. To do this, we used a pine forest in the direction of Koncha-Zaspa, where I used to hold workshops for photographers.

Mom bathes her son in the bathroom while dad does his daughter's hair
Family playing with a kitten while sitting on a sofa
Daughter hugged her parents
Little brother and sister are sitting on the couch
The family sits in the form of a pyramid
Family in gray trousers and white t-shirts sitting on the couch
Family sits on a sofa in a pyramid
Family sitting on chairs in order of age
Parents with children in their arms cross the road at a pedestrian crossing
Parents throw their children in their arms
The family sits in black jackets on the parapet
Mom shows a hand on a flying plane

Shooting day: How it was?

On the day of shooting, everything went according to plan. At 8:45, in the make-up studio, the makeup artist was already expecting models. All arrived without delay, which allowed us not to exit the timing and invest in a predetermined time. At 9:50, everyone was ready and shooting began. For 2 hours of the photo shoot, we managed to shoot all the most fun and interesting moments. A cheerful and friendly atmosphere reigned at the location. At the end, we went to the 2nd location, in the center of Kiev. There, they took an hour-long lunch break and a baby's daytime sleep before shooting. After, a two-hour photo walk took place along the central streets of Kiev. During this time, we also shot a lot of interesting and fun moments. And after that, everyone went to the shooting of the 3rd stage, to the forest. There was 3 hours before sunset, during which time we together managed to decorate the car and shoot the last stage of “Day of Life”.

Happy family looking up on the background of ancient buildings
Father holds a little daughter in his arms and they laugh
Parents hold their children in their arms and smile
Family walking on the street
Photo of a family walking around the city
Family photo on a city street
Mom rolls her daughter on her back
Family portrait on a city street near the column
Photo of a family on a city street
Family stands at an old wooden door
Family portrait on a background of a wooden door

Selection, color correction and retouching

The entire project lasted more than 7 hours, from 9:00 to 16:00. During this time, we managed to get from one end of Kiev to the other and take more than 600 pictures. Such a large number is caused by the fact that the family has a small child whose emotions need to be literally caught. But since he was feded up and slept, most of the source material was successful. After importing the entire series into Lightroom, I made a selection. Came out in a series of 240 frames, an average of 80 per location, or 35 photos / hour. This is the optimal amount in which all photos are unique among themselves and the views are not duplicated. Further, the finished series was painted, sharpness, contrast, saturation were adjusted and all balances were adjusted. After, I selected 67 of them the best, in my opinion, and they were retouched. You can watch the final result of the family photo project Day from Life on this page.

The family folded their hands in the center
The family enters the arch through the gate in the fence
Photo of a family in the arch through the bars
Dad holds his son in his arms
Family holding hands runs near the big clock
Happy family runs near street art
Portrait of a family on the background of large wooden doors
Family photo on the background of large doors
Daughter sits on dad’s shoulders while dad holds son in his arms
Photo of a family sitting on a car trunk
The family had a picnic in the forest in the car
Family picnic in the car
Family is sitting in car trunk and smiling
Cocoa with marshmallows in hand
Dad kisses mom sitting in the trunk of a car
Family sitting in car trunk and eating oranges
Mom cleans mandarin for daughter
Family having fun in the trunk of their car
Parents hug their daughter and laugh while sitting in the trunk
Family laughs and smiles while sitting on a car trunk
Parents are sitting on the hood of a car in a pine forest
Happy parents on the background of their car
Parents hugging with daughter in nature
Father hugs his daughter and wife
Burning candle in a candlestick


An ideal solution for a family to keep bright memories in the form of photos, to spend time together and leave bright moments in memory

How much does it cost?

This project was implemented as a service Family Photoshoot". For this category we have specially created flexible tariff plans that include all the necessary preparatory processes.

We also developed a special calculator with which you can independently assemble a package of your ideal photo shoot.

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