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Photo session in Paris
by Alona Perepelitsa

Welcome to my site! My name is Alona, I am a professional photographer, and hold photo shoots in all corners of the planet. I mainly specialize in individual photo shoots, filming couples, families and pregnant women. Just shooting weddings.

I suggest you order a photo session in Paris , at competitive rates! Who can it be interesting? - English-speaking tourists: families, couples in love, newlyweds and those who flew in for business purposes!

Photographer (Photosession) in Paris Alona Perepelitsa
What i suggest

Prices for a photo shoot in Paris

2 hours
  • 1-2 locations
  • 70 photos in color (12 retouching)
  • Willingness for 10 days
  • Transfer via Google Drive
4 hours
  • 3-4 locations
  • 150 photos in color (18 retouching)
  • Willingness for 10 days
  • Transfer via Google Drive
photographer's work

Examples of my photo shoots

Photoshoot Love Story
in Paris

Organization and conduct of a love story photo session in France, Paris. The history of creating an image and planning a route and timing for locations in Paris.


Summer Love Story Photoshoot
in Mezhyhirya

Summer photo session of love story in nature, in Mezhigorye for Alina and Peter. History of preparation and creation of shooting couples in the street, in the park.


Individual Photo Shoot
for Darina

History of the creation of sunset summer portraits on the street. An attempt to combine lightness and simplicity with femininity and natural beauty.


Wedding Photo session for Anna and Nicholas

The story of the creation of the dawn wedding Love Story in the Carpathian Mountains. Disclosure of details of the preparation, organization and implementation of the photo project. Description of the difficulties encountered in the process of photographing.

photographer paris

How is the photo shoot in Paris?


Get acquainted

We communicate through a convenient way: Messengers, telephone or mail. We agree on the date and time of shooting, approve the tariff and cost.

Book a date

We agree and approve the time and place of photography. After all the statements - I book my time for the necessary time for the photo shoot.

We make an advance

We make a prepayment of 25% of the total cost of the project in order to be able to book and confirm the date and time with the photographer.

Approving the image and route

We create looks for photo shoots from the existing wardrobe of the client. We select the best route for the main locations.

We are shooting

At the agreed date and time, we meet in a pre-agreed place. Next will be a walk and a photo session.

I process and give ready photos

During the required time, the entire photo material is carefully selected, color corrected and processed. Next, the finished material is transmitted through a link to Google Drive.
Any questions?

FAQ about shooting in Paris

How do you pay for a photo shoot in Paris?

Payment for a photographer in Paris is divided into 2 stages: prepayment at time of booking and payment of the amount on the day of shooting. The first part (prepayment) is paid through one of the most convenient ways: SWIFT payment, WesternUnion or MoneyGram. Transfer fees are taken as part of the payment for services. The rest of the amount (75%) - on the day of shooting, at the end.

How, when and what kind of pictures do I get?

Following the photo session in Paris, you will receive a series of 70 or 150 photos (depending on the package) in JPEG format, which have been carefully selected, color corrected and processed, within 10 days from the day of the photo session. Further, you choose 12 or 18 (depending on the package) the best photos at your discretion, tell me their numbers and they are sent to retouching. There is cleaning the skin, texture, removal of unwanted objects. A few days later, you are provided with a link with ready-made retouched photos.

If the weather changes dramatically and it will rain?

In such cases, there are two options that we can implement. The first, and it is the main - to hold a photo session in Paris in the rain. In this weather, the pictures are even more voluminous, romantic (a kiss under an umbrella against the background of the tower) and extraordinary. Or move the shooting to the next day, if the Photographer has a free time and date.

What if we are late for a photo shoot?

If the delay is 5-10 minutes, it is of little influence on the final result, and you should not worry about it. But if you are delayed by more than 15 minutes, your late arrival time will be taken into account as a photo session in Paris. Thus, you will be able to get less time for a walk, or you will need to roll out a photo session to get shots from conceived locations and images.

Why are prices in Kiev and Paris different?

Yes, you correctly noted, the cost of services has a slight difference. This is primarily due to two main factors: the cost of a photo shoot (photographer’s expenses) and the average market cost of services in the country, which fully describes the law of supply and demand :)

How can we contact

I strive to ensure the maximum comfort of the client in all variants of cooperation, and the way of communication is no exception. You can always use a comfortable channel for you for any call: a phone call, instant messengers, e-mail and feedback forms on the site.

France, Paris
+380 (050) 693 34 69
Send request

If you have any question, you can send it through the form below. I try to respond to messages within 30 minutes.

Photo session in Paris

Photographer Paris - How to choose and not make a mistake?

Photographer in Paris

What should I look for when choosing a photographer in Paris?

The choice of a photographer is like the choice of an artist - there are a large number of circumstances that influence the final decision. For example, one of the main ones is the price. Photographer in Paris can not be cheap, with the high quality of work, this is also worth remembering.

A photographer is a style, a person who has an accurate and clearly shaped style of shooting. This is expressed in shades, colors, angles and compositions. Under these circumstances, it is possible to determine how refined the style and taste of the photographer is, and whether it coincides with yours.

A common problem for novice photographers that can be traced to their portfolio is the diversity of processing. For example, a part of one survey has a strong contrast of one color, and on the other part, the frames are already painted in different colors.

Also, an important point when choosing a photographer in Paris is psychological comfort. You should be comfortable in communication and you should trust the person who will conduct your photo session.

Do I have a wedding photo shoot in Paris?

Wedding photo session in Paris is one of my available services. The price of my services, as a wedding photographer in Paris, can be found on request, after informing the format, place and time of the upcoming event.

By itself, a wedding photo session is a large and important project, and if you plan to conduct it in Paris, most likely you already have an organizer, or at least a coordinator.

In my practice, wedding photo shoots abroad are beautiful, bright and undoubtedly atmospheric pictures, which after a year, the spouses will be able to review times from time to time, and with a smile, remember that day!

Photo session in Paris
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