Professional photographer services

When you look for a photographer’s services, you are probably asking yourself how to make the right choice and not make a mistake seeing only individual photos. I can recommend to pay special attention to photo reports and series, with the specific shots taken. Certainly, the selected photos, first of all, look better and more exciting. But it does not often happen that they do not show the real result of the photography and the photographer’s skill. On my website you can find a sufficient number of examples of works on various services, in order to fully appreciate the competence of working in the genres of interest. I recommend paying special attention to this!

Also, a fairly common practice of checking a photographer before a responsible shooting, such as a wedding photo session, is to order test work on minimum budgets. A good solution in this situation will be taking a minimal one and a half hour Love Story photo session, where it will be possible to check everything: how comfortable it is with the photographer, how its style, and most importantly – get the finished works and evaluate their quality. Based on this, you can predict the result of wedding photography and make all the necessary conclusions for the decision. For your comfort, all the photographer’s services are divided into groups and categories. If you can not find your service, please contact me or leave your details in the contact form, so that I can advise you.

Speaking about the choice of photographer, it is also very important to take into account the feedback of existing customers, and to analyze the opinion of people who have used the services of the photographer already. This will help to form a preliminary attitude to the photographer and understand the psychotype of a person. It will give an opportunity to assess how comfortable you will be in this person’s society and the general emotional state during the shooting.