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Prices for object photography of goods in Kiev

Choose package
In composition
From 60 UAH/photo
  • Object on a white background
  • Color correction
  • Retouch
  • Availability 3-5 days
  • Google Drive Transfer
In composition
From 250 UAH/photo
  • Object in composition
  • Color correction
  • Retouch
  • Availability 3-5 days
  • Google Drive Transfer
From 2 700 UAH/photo
  • Object in the scene
  • Color correction
  • Retouch
  • Availability 5-7 days
  • Transfer via Google Drive

For whom is this subject shooting plan?

This is a classic tariff for subject photographer services for online stores and online catalogs. 1 photograph of an object (product), on which the background is aligned, cosmetic defects (fibers, protruding threads, cracks, scratches, bumps) are eliminated, white balance and color are adjusted. With bulk orders, the cost of shooting is reduced.

What is the peculiarity of this package?

This is a standard, minimal package, focused on system and long work for e-commerce projects. As part of this package, you can provide your site with full, high-quality photo content.

For whom is this family studio photo shoot rate suitable?

“Standart” is a two-hour complex that includes photo studio rental, make-up artist services and shooting at 2 different locations (studio halls or studio backyard and city). Suitable for small and large families with several children. At the expense of two hours, it is possible to catch all the important points, and convey the relationship.

What is the feature of the package?

As a result of family shooting at the “Standart” tariff, you get a two-hour comprehensive project with a result of 100-120 high-quality photos, of which you can select 9 for retouching.


For whom is this subject shooting plan?

Shooting objects in the scene is a difficult and meticulous task for the subject photographer. To get 1 frame, a scene is created, thinks over the script and the moment at which you need to take a photo. It can take up to 6 hours to get 1 frame. These are pictures of the subject with splashes, the moment of draining of liquids/smoke and another action, which is provided for by the technical task in the photo.

What is the peculiarity of the tariff?

This is a photo for the brand that can be used in outdoor advertising, in the main product review page and in print media (flyers / booklets). These subject shots provide good opportunities for marketers to create banner ads and attract customers.


How does object shooting take place?


Get acquainted

We communicate through a convenient way: instant messengers, phone or mail. We agree the date and time of the shooting, approve the cost


We make a prepayment of 25% of the total cost of the project to be able to book all contractors, locations and the date of the photographer

Book a location

We agree and approve the place of photography. After all the allegations - book a studio or another selected location for the required time


We agree and book the necessary project contractors: the master of makeup and hairstyles, decorators and florists, barber or transfer


We create bows for photo shoots from the existing wardrobe of the client. If necessary, I give recommendations on the purchase of additional clothing


On the agreed date, you will be met by make-up and hairstyles specialists in the dressing rooms, they will prepare and then take a photo.


During the required time, the entire photo material is carefully selected, color corrected, processed and optimized in size

Transfer photo

Ready photographs are uploaded to a special file sharing service and the download link is provided via instant messenger or via email
What you need to know about object photography

Important details when planning a object shot

Object shooting in Kiev

What do you need to take care of first?

When thinking of object shooting, it is important to understand its goals, and how these photos will be used. To get the maximum benefit from investing in the shooting of goods, you need to carefully prepare, develop delivery standards (angles) and the number of shots. For inspiration, you can always use the analysis of competitors, see neighboring niches, how successful online stores present products.

After analyzing and collecting information, it is worth creating your own presentation standard for your product. What to look for? The ratio of investments in 1 unit of goods to its detailed representation. In other words, it makes no sense to take 10 photos of the object, and pay a large sum for it if 4 photos from different angles completely reveal the appearance of the product. Believe me, on large volumes, this will be significant savings, and as you know - money saved = earned.

The next step is the creation of technical specifications for object shooting. As a rule, this is a 2-3 page file, with examples of angles and attached samples of ready-made photos. This file will allow you to significantly accelerate the work with the contractor (object photographer). Based on this file, the subject studio will immediately understand your goals, and immediately begin to complete the order, because as you know, time is money.

What to do with non-standard product photos?

If you have successfully started to shoot the object catalog, you will be faced with the task of promoting it. It is no secret that commercial product catalog images do not catch Internet users and offline communications. To do this, the products are shot in different compositions and create scenes with action. These frames perfectly catch the eye of the audience, which is consistent with the marketing goals of any advertising campaigns.

The next step will be the creation of technical specifications for object composite shots. How to do this task? Start by thinking about what and where you are going to promote. When you understand your target audience for the campaign, you will be able to understand what message they convey in the photo. After realizing the essence of the message, you should turn to stocks (graphic content exchanges) to inspire and search for samples that will form the basis of future shooting.

Services of a object photographer
Shooting goods in Kiev

A little bit about important and motivation

When you collect examples of photos, you can start discussing the timing and cost of creating similar pictures for your business in a object studio. You, as an entrepreneur, should not bother with understanding the features of creating a picture (light scheme, layout, equipment, etc.), all this will be done by an object photographer for you.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that object photographs are an integral part of any product business, whether online or offline store. Having high-quality and professional images of your product (s), you increase the conversion rate of your online store, which directly affects your profit. Think of the object shooting as an investment that pays off in the right mix of marketing tools.

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